Centre dentaire Patricia Skaf Professionals


Dr. Patricia Skaf advocates a global vision of dental health. She encourages perfectionism and a gentle medical approach: holistic treatments, and biocompatible, non-mercury fillings. Her extremely competent, handpicked team members are great listeners-professionals at your service!


Patricia Skaf


Having opened her Practice at the start of her career, this go-getter and dynamic force lives for challenges. Graduate of the Université de Montréal in 1999, Patricia Skaf perfected her profession from the start by doing a multidisciplinary residency at the Royal Victoria Hospital. Afterward, she got involved in studying temporomandibular joints in the United States. Reputed as being a perfectionist in general dentistry, she also excels in the extraction of wisdom teeth as well as in periodontal surgery. You have questions? Dr Skaf has the answers! Patricia loves cooking, gardening and has a strong sense of family. This woman loves to laugh and make people smile… She is a dentist!