Dental implants are the roots of artificial teeth; they can replace one or several teeth, support a denture or a bridge. The dental implant is made of titanium or zirconia and inserted in the bone, where the missing tooth was. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia. After a few months of healing, a crown is permanently screwed in the dental implant. When it involves a complete edentation, the denture will be stapled to some implants placed strategically by the professional, so that it becomes much more stable in the mouth when chewing.


A dental implant is the best solution to many aesthetic and/or functional problems. Thanks to these implants, a person can maintain their facial features, and regain their chewing functionality as well as their beautiful natural smile.

There are solutions for all types of edentations, whether anterior, posterior, unitary or interdental. However, minimum bone volume is essential to put an implant, which is why in certain cases, it is necessary to undergo a bone graft or bone filling before.




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