Replacement Crown

A crown is a fixed prosthesis that covers the whole damaged tooth (decayed, fractured or following a root canal treatment) to protect it by reconstructing its shape, its aesthetic and its strength. Once cemented, it resembles a natural tooth in form, colour, texture as well as strength which is necessary for chewing.


At the Centre dentaire Patricia Skaf, our dental crowns are made in laboratory and do not contain any metal harmful to the organism (nickel and lead). Depending on the damaged tooth, our dentists will choose which material your crown will be made of (entirely of ceramic, CEREC, zirconia-based, gold or precious metals alloy) in order to optimise its efficiency without harming your overall health.

We recently acquired CEREC 3D, which allows us to offer you the possibility of having your dental crown, made entirely of ceramic, in just one appointment at our clinic!  Consult our CEREC section to find out more!